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Full-Service Salon and Beauty Store

Place an order through our online store or schedule a hair appointment at our location in Montgomery, Alabama today!

About Our Boutique 

Face 2 Face VIP Boutique is a full-service salon and women’s clothing store located in Montgomery, Alabama. We specialize in 60-dollar sew-in weaves, serving customers from ages 30-54 years old.

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Our Goal

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Meet Anita Evans

Face 2 Face VIP Boutique was created by a woman for women. Anita Evans-Lomas had one mission in mind when she opened the first location in Union City, Georgia in 2009. Her goal was to make every woman look fabulous everyday with affordable clothing pieces.

Then, Anita opened her second location in Gulfport, Mississippi and started her fashion boutique in 2013.

Today, Anita is traveling worldwide with the Anita Evans Fashion Collection "Night Life." Each piece is designed to complement all shapes, sizes, and colors. Log onto Trendy Clothes | Face 2 Face VIP Boutique to find out more about the Anita Evans Collection or see our client photos. 

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